truMedic Instashiatsu Massager Review

truMedic Instashiatsu Massager Review

Stress, age, and exertion can take a toll on your body, leaving you stiff and uncomfortable. One of the areas on our bodies that commonly tense up due to these factors is the neck area. Neck pain can be frustrating to deal with. It can also affect other parts of your body and your physical capabilities.

To combat neck stiffness and pain, many people turn to massages for relief. Massages are the best source of therapy for tense body muscles; however, individual massages can be expensive and time-consuming.

As an alternative to the traditional massage, high tech equipment is now available to perform the same task more efficiently. Rechargeable neck massagers allow you to receive a thorough neck massage anywhere and at any time.

They are time-saving and cost-efficient, after an initial purchasing fee, you have an unlimited number of personal massage sessions at your convenience.

Man using truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager.


A neck massager is an excellent way to treat your tense muscles at home. A high-quality neck massager that many people trust and love is the truMedic Neck and Shoulder Massager.

For a one-time payment of about $100, this product can provide you with neck and shoulder massages whenever and wherever.

Below is a review of the truMedic Neck and Shoulder Massager.

About The Product

The massage function on this massager is thorough. You can adjust the pressure and the position of the massager. Although this massager is intended for the neck and shoulders, you can technically use it anywhere else on the body as needed.

This product is very relaxing and helps loosen up the neck and shoulder muscles. It provides stress relief and a boost in physical comfort. The battery life also lasts long, and the device can be used while plugged in if the battery happens to get low.


  • Cordless
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Full-body Use
  • Heat option
  • Performs deep-kneading Shiatsu massage
  • Direction options
  • Button operated
  • Controllable pressure

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who is seeking to relieve stress and muscle tension will benefit from purchasing the truMedic Neck and Shoulder Massager. This massager will perform according to the settings you choose. Your involvement in the massage itself will help target your tense areas with the exact kind of massage they need.

A device like this would be especially useful for those with chronic muscle and body pain. For someone who experiences a lot of stress, plays sports, works a desk job, or has muscle-related health problems, this massager would be a great tool to use.

With recurrent use, it can help stop and prevent pain. This neck and shoulder massager would also be good for those who exercise frequently and experience muscle soreness. This is the perfect post-workout treatment.


The truMedic Neck and Shoulder Massager utilizes an internal lithium-ion battery. This type of battery is rechargeable and ensures the longest battery life possible.

The balls in this massager move to knead in the Shiatsu massage style deeply. The massager includes a setting that can reverse the direction of the massage and it also includes an automatic reverse operation that does it for you.

truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager set.


There is a heat option in this massager. The heat option, activated by a button, will release warmth along with the massage. This heat helps loosen up and relax the muscles that would normally be tense and inflexible.

The neck and shoulder massager utilizes a control panel for settings. There is an LED indicator light, an on/off button, a heat setting, and a reverse setting.


The truMedic Neck and Shoulder Massager is made out of green and blue material. The center-massaging piece wraps around the neck and shoulders. There are two loops on the sides for your arms. When you place your arms in these loops, you can adjust the pressure of the massage.

This massager is cordless, but keep in mind that it can be plugged into the wall for charging or usage if desired.

This item comes in a box with the actual massager, a charger, and an adapter.


The cordless feature of this massager makes it very convenient. Not only can you pack this massager anywhere and carry it on the go, but you can also physically use it anywhere.

It doesn't have to be plugged in while you use it, so you can bring it wherever you'd like. This is perfect for people who work long hours at a computer desk or those who travel in long car or plane rides.

This massager is designed for the shoulder and neck, but it can also be used all throughout the body. The truMedic brand provides guidelines and instructions on how to use this massager on other muscle areas. You can use this massager on your back, legs, arms, feet, thighs, etc.

This item requires no assembly and comes packed with everything needed to start massaging.

Insider Thoughts

A personal massaging tool is a great purchase for those who need instant and convenient relief. This shoulder and neck massager is great for that purpose.


Use the arm loops to rest your arms, but also use them to adjust the pressure of your massage. Your grip on the loops can adjust the placement and movement of the massager as well. Experiment with the different ways you can use this massager by using the arm loops and gripping them differently.

Maximize the usage of this device by trying it out on different areas of the body. Even if you buy it for a particular reason, you can use it for other reasons as well.

Buying Advice

For the versatility and multiple functions of the truMedic Neck and Shoulder Massager, the price is a deal. If you're thinking about purchasing this massager as a gift, it would be suitable for athletes, workers, and family or friends with chronic pain and muscle or cervical disk issues.

Woman using truMedic Instashiatsu Plus Neck and Shoulder Massager.


The best place to purchase this massager from is Amazon. The retailer on Amazon provides fast shipping.

My Verdict

I would highly recommend buying the truMedic Neck and Shoulder Massager. It is a helpful tool for body relaxation, pain relief, and stress reduction.

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