Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Pillow Review

Using Shiatsu Pillow

Sometimes after having a long day, all you want to do is curl up in your favorite chair, put on a good movie and relax. The only thing that can make this scenario better is if you have someone who can give you a really good back rub.

If you don’t have someone who can do that for you, you can still treat yourself by using a massage pillow like the Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Pillow.

Homedics Therapist Pillow Mechanism

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Pillow, it’s features, and what people had to say about how well this pillow performs. At the end, we’re going to give you our final recommendation.

Let’s get started, shall we?

About The Product

The Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Pillow features four rotating massaging balls that work to knead away any stiffness and soreness your back may be experiencing. Notable features of the Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Pillow include:

  • Made from Polyester
  • State of the art shiatsu pillow with heat
  • Conforms to your body to make you feel human again
  • Comes with a rotating massage mechanism and spot shiatsu for targeted massage relief
  • Perfect for use on your neck, back, shoulders and more
  • Relax while the soft plush pillow kneads away muscle tension, pain and fatigue

This isn’t going to be a massaging pillow that will give you a gentle massage – it’s going to give you a deep tissue massage. The massaging balls are fixed in one area and at one speed, so if you’re looking for a pillow that you can customize, this isn’t going to be it.

The soft polyester material of the pillow helps users to relax and feel more comfortable while using this cushion. You’ll find that this is a very basic and simple to use pillow, as there’s only an “on/off” switch.

You can use this pillow anywhere you have access to an electrical source, be it in bed or in the living room. If you’re concerned about falling asleep while using it, you can have some peace of mind in knowing that this pillow is designed to turn off after 20 minutes of use.

The pillow features a flap of the same soft polyester material that goes over the massaging balls. You have the option of leaving the flap turned over, thus exposing the massaging balls for a more direct source of relief. If you want or need a buffer between your body and the pillow, you can flip the flap over, thus giving you a little bit of cushioning.

What Others Are Saying

When we took a look at what people were saying about the Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Pillow, we’re happy to report the majority of consumers had great things to say. Customers love that this pillow is able to relieve their soreness after tough workouts.

Homedics Pillow Box

People like that the shiatsu balls works very well to knead out any knots or stiffness in the back. Several people have also commented that they loved that this pillow is small and portable. One customer reported they purchased this for an elderly parent to use on long car rides.

In terms of comfort, customers said the material of this pillow feels a lot like a teddy bear. They like how soft the material is, but also that it when the heat function is turned on, the material doesn’t get too hot.

Several women have said they used this pillow on their abdomen when they are experiencing painful menstrual cramps and they said the heat feels good, although it takes a few minutes for the heat to build.

Even though there were many positive reviews for this shiatsu pillow, there were still a few people who had some issues with the pillow they received. Customers were disappointed that their pillow didn’t work as well as they had hoped it would.

One person stated they needed to lean on the pillow pretty hard in order to feel the massaging balls. This person went on to say that because of this, it was very difficult to keep the pillow in position when they wanted to use it for their neck or shoulders.

Other customers reported that their pillows either didn’t work upon arrival, the heat didn’t work upon arrival, or their product stopped working shortly after receiving it.

One person said they absolutely loved how well this pillow worked on their sore muscles, but after only using this pillow eight times, it “refused” to turn back on. Some also stated the massage balls were too rough and had a tendency to dig into your body instead of massaging it.

Final Verdict

When your body is tight and your muscles are stiff, there’s nothing better than a deep tissue massage by someone who has strong hands and aren’t afraid to use pressure. Of course, if you aren’t able to get to a masseuse, then a massaging pillow like the Homedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Pillow is a good option.

Homedics Therapist Select SP-10H

We like that this pillow features four rotating massaging balls that’ll give you a good shiatsu massage. If you don’t like hard pressure or deep pressure massages, you won’t like this pillow. Also, keep in mind that if you wanted a heated massaging pillow, customers have reported that it takes a few minutes to start feeling the heat.

Although this isn’t the most advanced or customizable massaging pillow currently on the market, we still like this product because it is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in, put it into position, and turn it on. If you wanted a massage longer than 20 minutes, all you have to do is restart the pillow.

If you’re looking for a shiatsu pillow that is easy to use and isn’t going to break the bank, then this is a great option.

Our Rating